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Get Motivated!

The Don’ts

No matter your race…You probably know someone that is trashy, triffling and down right ghetto.

Bad attitudes, rebel ‘rousing and just plain atrocious, right.

The first thing I hear from people is that this type of behavior is not becoming of anyone, and that is saying it nicely.

So, I call about all the problems.

I talk about the British Chavs, the Japanese Ganguro, the Cuban/Latin Chongas, Mexican Cholas and the USA trashy girls and hoochies…

The Do’s: What can be done?

I believe that many problems stem from lack of education and simply having a closed mind to the possibilities of becoming a better person.  You are different everyday.  We all are.  So, turn that change into something purposeful.

We are in a constant pattern of change and should use that to our advantage.

Be open to new ideas or thoughts or ways of life.  Be open to the wisdom of our mothers and grandmothers.  Be open to the “Old School” mannerly practices.  Be open to making classic etiquette part of your modern life.

View Life From A Higher Perspective

I don’t read nearly as much as I write, but I have been inspired to read more.   Join me.

Read Books.

Now I don’t have the time to read as much as I would like.

I miss having what I call “Fr-read” time.

But, my goodness. If you do anything regarding books then do the following:

  • Go to the biggest and most elaborate bookstore in your town. Get lost there. You can look at the magazines as an appetizer but the “main course” will be endlessly wondering through the aisles of books, books, books.
  • Books on hair. Books on Art. Books on Fashion. Books on Self-Help [Like my book…Don’t forget She So Ghetto is a book] Books on car mechanics…I mean it’s a froth at the mouth festival. I swear you will find yourself in a part of the bookstore that you never thought you would look through. It literally takes me hours. I would say 3-4 hours to get a hold of a book I want to buy.
  • I go to my local Barnes and Noble with the little cafe inside. I grab about 3 books and scan through while drinking a smoothie. Talk about tranquility. I usually go in the evening and stay until the bookstore closes.

Make a great date night!


Take time out of your day to enjoy the silence.

Move That Body

We probably forget that movement is something we had no problems with as children.  We were always moving about.  Wiggling, dancing, playing…we didn’t know how to sit still most of the time.  Now, we sit all the time.  Take time to get up, stretch and take care of that body.  That “little” you is in there somewhere.

Whatcha eatin’?

We know what foods are god for us and bad for us.  We just like the taste of foods that are not giving our bodies nutrition, more often than not.

Don’t be a slave to the tongue.  Eat things that are healthy for you, even if the flavor isn’t as sweet or salty as you are used to.  Change is good sometimes.

Time to watch TV…What should I watch?:

If you have cable or satellite TV, try watching something to inspire you:

DIY Network– Create something, dammit. Once you start, you won’t stop. I happen to love making glass bead and wire jewelry and it’s the most fun when you make it for yourself. You may get complements and want to make your own jewelry and sell it. I did.

Food Network– Watching ht eFood Network show ‘Unwrapped’ was a family affair. I like knowing how things were made behind the scenes. Find a cool recipe and try it out. Also, I still make my famous chocolate popcorn and pretzel sticks. I also make gourmet food for a living. Hummm, maybe I could give you some tips. Wanna try my “Blue Razzleberry” popcorn?

Tv One, ION, Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, : I like these stations because they are what I call a “safe” channel. You know what you’re gonna get.

BRAVO: Just an open minded network. I like the reality shows like Project Runway and Top Chef.

Discovery & Discovery Health: Again, it’s a great place to learn. If you are going to watch T.V. The least T.V. can do is educate you.

Style Network, Oxygen & WE: Because it’s fun.


The goal here is to open your mind. Do something new. Create. Debate. Learn to Think-inate!

My goodness. There is no future in being a hoochie.

Stay clear of:

Any media that degrades humanity and women. Bad music with degrading lyrics, porn and the like. You know what I mean!

People that discourage instead of encourage.

Any person or action that compromises your self respect and your respect of others.


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  1. June 10, 2008 12:09 am

    call me!!!!! I have to talk to you!!! I love the website! It looks great!

    Luv Ya,

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