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Daily Etiquette

Daily Etiquette

  This section ia all about etiquette and manners we use everyday.  Find out modern etiquette and manners ideas and ideals on almost every topic right here.

How To Get Out Of A Car Without Flashing Your Crotch!

Manner Emergencies: Bad Breath Rescue!

What’s Up With Rude People?

Manners: Saying “Thank You”!

Seriously Speaking: Using Good Manners Doesn’t Make You A B*tch

Dirty Feet Etiquette: Wear Shoes When Traveling (Video)

Who’s In Charge?: 3 Tips On Being A Great Boss, Not A Bully!

Good Manners: Teach Kids Manners With Their Shoes

Star Sighting: Transformer Actor, John Tuturro, Caught Being Polite In NYC

Is Civility Extinct?: Celebrity Outbursts & Manners Don’t Mix

Help, My Mom Is A Cougar!: 3 Tips On How To Keep Your Relationship With Her

Movie Theatre Etiquette: 7 Tips To Follow Or I’ll Have To Hurt You!

Etiquettely Speaking: Is It O.K. To “Toilet Talk?”

Tips On Writing Etiquette: Letters, Notes & Cards

Health & Manners: 6 Simple Tips To Flu Protection

Keeping It Real In 2009: Manners, Etiquette And Passing Gas

Money, Friends & Manners: Paying Back Money Borrowed From Friends

Never Fear!: 5 Halloween Etiquette Tips

Christmas Etiquette: 7 Tips On Gracious Gift Acceptance

10 Gift Ideas That Will Make You Wish You’d Thought Of Them

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