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Ghetto Hoochie Mama List

This is the final resting spot for all things ghetto that truly need to go.

We hope the earth is flat…It’ll be easier to throw this crap off the edge!

(If you don’t agree, you are just ghetto!)

Ghetto Hoochie Mamas

Say goodbye to this mess. They are officially “ghetto” and have made the ghetto list.


The “I didn’t know he was married excuse” only goes so far, you sluts, you!

The “I Fu*KED Tiger Woods” confession.  Somehow, this stupid slut thinks this is a laughing matter.

Rachel Uchitel

Gag & Eww! Another of Tiger Woods' Harem Girls: Rachel Uchitel



Jamie Jungers

If your claim to fame is that you slept with Tiger Woods, then "SLUT" is too kind of a word for you.

Cori Rist: Ewww, Ewww and double Ewww!

Rapper-turned-Porn chick, Foxy Brown
Rapper-turned-Porn chick, Foxy Brown

Andressa Soares
Andressa Soares

The latest Brazilian chick to be added to the Ghetto List.  Sadness.

A pretty face and beautiful body, but is anyone home upstairs?  Or is stupid is as stupid goes around poppin’ their ass in front of grade school kids!  See for yourself!


she so ghetto kim kardashian hoochie\

Britney Spears: Especially dressed like this!

she so ghetto britney spears ghetto list

Rapper Remy Ma: See what happens when you dance too hard in skimpy clothes?

she so ghetto ghetto rapper remy ma



she so ghetto back tattoo


Skin looks nasty like a Vampire sucked her blood!

Skin looks nasty like a Vampire sucked her blood!

The Hoes Of Hollywood

Buffie The Body: You made the Ghetto List. Yuck and bye!

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto buffie the body buffy the body

Cherokee D’ass: Nasty nasty nasty. Ghetto ghetto ghetto.

Bye! You made the ghetto list!

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto cherokee d\'ass dass 2

Booty “model” Georgia Peach

Seriously McmIllan she so ghetto cherokee d\'ass dass

she so ghetto ghetto prom gerogia peach

Elke The Stallion

she so ghetto elke the stallion

The Hoes Of Hollywood

It’s Oscar De La Hoya’s niece Daisy, who was a contestant on VH1’s Rock of Love 2.

she so ghetto hoochie daisy  oscar de la hoya\'s niece

Nicole “Coco” Austin: Latest Wife Of Rapper Ice T

she so ghetto hoochie ice t wife Nicole “Coco” Austin

Paris Hilton: Of course!

The Hoes Of Hollywood

she so ghetto hoochie Paris Hilton topless

Madonna: Don’t just have kids and get married.

Go around kissin’ everyone, too. Sorry Madonna, you’re on the ghetto list. Bye!


Jodie Marsh. A UK hoochie!

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan jodie marsh

Shauna Sand

I must commend you for your talent of picking the worst and most ghetto shoes a mom could wear with her child while taking them to their martial arts class!she so ghetto seriously mcmillan shauna sand

she so ghetto shauna sand

Just Triffling!

Shauna Sand: Just Triffling!


Rita G.

I’ve lost count of all the emails saying ‘I would pay any amount of money for the g-string right off your butt’. Well, here’s your chance. I will wear each pair of panties long enough to transfer my ‘natural’ scent, but these are limited, not mass-produced. So order them now. I might not be offering that many of them!”-From Rita G. website!

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan Rita G

you suck when you're rude

Dumb Blonde Playboy Playmate: Holly Madison

she so ghetto holly madison

Playboy Playmate: Kendra Wilkinson

she so ghetto seriously mcmillan Playmate Kendra Wilkinson

she so ghetto tania deveraux

She will “make love” to every (honest & true) virgin that defends the internet and saves net nuetrality!

Tania Deveraux

The Hoes Of Hollywood

The Hoochie Mama That Got Arrested Because Of Her Prom Dress!

she so ghetto prom dress

she so ghetto prom dress 2

Below: This trashy chick is trying to make “Hoochie Money”

she so ghetto hoochie mama shorts

Mom and daughter hoochie!

she so ghetto mom and daughter hoochie


she so ghetto hoochie mama thong

she so ghetto hoochie mama thong 2

This girl is classic Hood Rat- Drunk, Dirty Looking and wearing a skanky t-shirt.

she so ghetto hoochie mama shirts 2

she so ghetto hoochie tee shirt

she so ghetto hoochie tee shirt 2

And she thinks this is funny…What a Hooch Bag!

she so ghetto hoochie mama shirts 3

Yeah, she must be a college grad!!!????

Yeah, she must be a college grad!!!????

If you wear this in public, don't complain when being stalked!!!

Low class!!!

Trashy Chicks Suck, Too!

Trashy Chicks Suck, Too!

Hoochie Formal Wear! CLICK HERE!

she so ghetto prom dress 1

More to come!

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  1. naturallyreal permalink
    May 12, 2008 8:56 am

    both are a hot mess. You missed deelishis from the flavor of love season 2. Besides buffie being nasty she also talks ghetto too. Now this is a hot mess. Young girls see women like buffie in the music videos and look at themselves as being unpretty. Its sad that our young black women have to look at this as the epitome of beauty. I think not!!!!!

  2. Leila permalink
    June 22, 2008 6:14 pm

    I can’t believe that used to be Shauna sand, her plastic surgeon should be in jail!.
    Oh and your “chola” seems to be Spaniard actress Rossy De Palma, might even be the image for one of Aldomovar’s films.

  3. aipingguo permalink
    February 3, 2009 9:49 pm

    ALL these people on this list make me SICK!!!
    I’m sick of females going around showing you ass and tits because you want to impress a man , that’s all its for just for men.

    Kim Kardashian i never did like her behind and her wanna be star ex boyfriend ray j
    and on the girl who went to the prom in that MESS , not only was she ghetto her mom must be too never in my life would i let my daughter where no Hoe mess like that .

    and you forgot about the dance team they recently broadcasted on tv with them doing lap dances on the guys at a homecoming game.

    whats wrong with these girls today?


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