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Wedding Etiquette

This topic is one of the most searched subtopics of the topic of etiquette.

Wedding Etiquette is important because it’s the most special day in the lives of the couple tying the knot, and how dare anyone behave like a hooligan to stain the memory of such a special event.

Here are some serious do’s and don’ts, if you don’t want to have your guests snickering and scoffing at your wedding.

On this page, I will post links to all of my blog posts and humor items about good wedding etiquette.

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette Chronicles: Down-To-Earth Lessons On The Best Wedding Behavior

Tackiest Wedding Ever!

Wedding Etiquette Chronicles #1: Invitation to the Invitations!

Wedding Etiquette Chronicles #2: What Does R.S.V.P Mean Anyway?

Wedding Etiquette Chronicles #3 : What To Wear To Your BFF’s Summer Wedding: 10 Drop-Dead Dresses Under $50

Wedding Etiquette Humor

Humorous Mother-to-be Products That Left Me Speechless & LMAO

What Not To Wear To Your Wedding: The Hoochie White Wedding Dress Collection

What Not To Wear To Your Wedding: The White Wedding Jeans & See-Thru Corset

What Not To Wear To Your Wedding: The Ghetto Graffiti Wedding Gown

What Not To Wear To Your Wedding: The Top Heavy Bride

Wedding Day No-No’s: I AM The Cake!

Wedding Day No-No’s: $2500 Stripper Topper

Wedding Day No-No’s: In This Thong, I Thee Wed…

Wedding Day No-No’s: Vegas Showgirl Bride

Wedding Day No-No’s: Tackiest Wedding Ever!

What not to Wear To your Wedding: The Bridal Bikini

Wedding Day No-No’s: #1

Extreme Wedding Pic: Catch That Bouquet!

What not to Wear: To your Wedding!

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