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Ask Seriously

Peer-to-peer chat sessions:

There is no intent to substitute any health care or mental health care professional.

Why am I qualified to hostess “Peer-to-peer” chat sessions?  Check out this blog.  I have a no-holds-barred approach to chatting with my peers.

My name is Seriously McMillan.  My name is not Martha Stewart or Emily Post.  They have their way and I have mine.  When I talk to you about your dilemma, it’s your time, but you don’t want someone who’s just going to smile and tell you whatever you want to hear.  You have a dilemma.  You have a challenge.  Let’s talk thorough it.  You may wonder why I do this the way I do it.  It’s because I care.  I care enough not to skirt the issues.  That’s what a real friend does, with good manners of course.- Seriously McMillan

“Peer-to-peer” Session Details

•You’ll send me your detailed description of your dilemma and your desired resolution.

• I will respond via email.

• After our session, I will follow up with you on your success.  That’s right.  There’s are no failures, we just have to remain flexible in case situations don’t travel our way.  Nevertheless, the follow-up is free and will be done via email, as well.

  • Some questions will be answered via a blog post.  I will let you know and I will not post your name.

Ready to get some advice on that tough situation?  Let’s roll!


Yep, you can call me.  Why not, right?  If you have a juicy question about what dress to wear to your friends wedding or simply want to ask a trending question about manners, etiquette, courtesy and how not to choke all of your family members during the holidays, you’re free to call.

Some questions will be answered via a blog post, so stay tuned to the blog.

As you know, this is a manners and etiquette blog, and I only respond to those who are on their best behavior.

Call 206-338-1010

Leave message after the message prompt.

Disclaimer: Profanity and slurs of any kind are not tolerated, thank you.  All recorded messages are property of Seriously McMillan LLC (SM LLC.), and may be kept and used for future broadcasts without further permission. By leaving a message containing any personal information regarding yourself or others, you agree that SM LLC. and/or the Seriously McMillan LLC. will not be liable in the use of that information in future broadcasts by SM LLC.
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