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Lush-ious Amy Winehouse: New Boobs, Same Party Girl

October 27, 2009

A Mess Winehouse Doesnt Know Her Modesty Is Showing.

Model Behavior: Amy strikes a pose with a little nip slip!

Model Behavior: Amy strikes a pose with a little nip slip!

What’s up with Amy?  After her recnet boob job, Amy wasres no ttime showing off the end result.

What do we think?  Obviously, mosedst is the key, but we’re talking about Amy Winehouse.

As talented a singer as any, but with a wild side that could frighten the wildest of people.  She curses, she drinks (a lot), she punches fans, spits at paparazzi…The girl is off the hook!

Earlier that evening, Amy was seen with her 13-year-old goddaughter.  They looked like any normal BFF’s, except this is Amy Winehouse.  Would you let her around your daughter?  Maybe after she ‘dries out’, if you know what I mean.

By 8pm, having earlier made a change into a corset top, the singer’s asset had popped entirely out of the ensemble.

It was a predictable turn of events, with her clothes seemingly slipping further down her body as the night went on.

Thankfully, Dionne had gone home at the point of exposition leaving Amy to disgrace herself in front of her manager and waiting photographers.

Amy and goddaughter, Dionne.

Amy gets a sip...before the nipple slip!


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