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What To Wear To Your BFF’s Summer Wedding: 10 Drop-Dead Dresses Under $50

July 19, 2009

This is a part of our WEDDING ETIQUETTE Chronicles


I have scoured the internet.   Looking and searing for 10 drop- dead gorgeous dresses for under $50 smackers.

If the wedding meets the criteria, with the dreses below, you’ll be good to go.

  1. Daytime wedding:  These dresses are mostly for weekend day weddings.
  2. Upper Casual Guest Attire Requested:  The dresses below are upper casual.  You can dress them up or down, but if the wedding you are attending is very formal, these dresses may not work out for you.
  3. Within color rules of the Bride:  Some brides request that their guest wear certain colors to the wedding.  I hope there is a dress here that works for you.

I left no stone unturned and I would certainly only suggest wearing what I would wear.

Here goes!

I love dresses in classic styles.

You can never go wrong in a summer floral.


The horses rushing by may riffle the frills on your gown, but they can’t ruffle your great style in this sophisticated dress! Your feminine curves are enhanced by the ruffle-lined v-neck as it races along the buttoned bodice into a waist cinched tight by a large sash.

Depending on your mood, you can pull a color for your shoes right out of the pattern of the dress.

You could go with black , of course, burned orange or baby blue.

This dress is an attractive length.  It’s not visually jarring or distracting.

The hemline is too the knee.

Seriously McMillan Approved!

Arrive at the latest exhibit at the MoMA in elegance wearing this golden yellow bib top pencil dress!

Get your girdles out, ladies…and the conrol top panty hose, too.

This sexy pencil dress is classic and daring.

Brimming with lace and pin tuck detail on the bust and neck and accentuating the hips  with a high waist.

Great for showing off those toned arms.

Women with smaller shoulders and larger hips would rock in this one.


Always the bridesmaid and never the bride?

Not anymore.

Everyone will get a gander at you win this classic floral pattern in calm and relaxing shades of blue.

As long as you’re around, the bride with have something blue.


You’ll be the prettiest flower in the bouquet when you wear this strapless party dress! With a structured corset-style bodice, an elasticized empire waist, and a bright purple floral print, this dress is perfect for a first date or a first anniversary.

Another you in blue.

This awesome retro style dress is simple and so classic, it could give a little black dress a run for it’s money.

High lace, pin-tucked waist.  Perfect summer length.

You will make a feminine statement without saying a word.


…From the ruffled details to the cuff sleeves and flattering full skirt, this piece will make you feel as good as you look. Pair it with your favorite wedge sandals for a perfect day…


Twisted Strap Maxi Dress


A simple but stylish solid color knit maxi dress featuring a padded bust followed by twisted shoulder and back straps.

I’m not going to tell them that this dress was less than $20!

Are you?

Look sleek in any physique.

Yes, it’s blue again, but with a modern twist.

Fab Swirled Kimono Dress

$15.50: Fabulous Finds

Bright and bold 3/4 sleeves featuring a v-neckline, solid colored trim, bell-shaped sleeves, an attached self waist tie, and a finished bottom hem.

I think the dress may be a wee short, but the kimono cut and pattern make it post modern.

If you want to wear a little bit of your “edge” to the wedding, this is the one to go for.

Now, I suggest you pick ONE accessory.

You can overkill this one by wearing too much “stuff”.

Old Navy never lets me down.

Here’s a simple summer frock that could wear everyday and come up with a new look for it…everyday.

Women’s Cotton Twill Shift Dresses

Sleek fabric and a pleated neckline give this sleeveless dress a smart and sophisticated look that has become a classic.




This is a nice color for a derss that you could wear to an evening wedding.  The dress is timeless, but the shoes you’ll wear will tell what time of day it it.

Remember:  The lighter it is outside, the lower the heel.

If this dress doesn’t say “summer, girl and pink”,  I don’t know what does.

How about, for your girly pleasure, a totally pinked-out pink taffeta dress.


Tiered satin dress

This is the dress that you an rock at a day or evening summer wedding.
Oh, the fun you’ll have!
The dress is the star, so keep the accessories to a min.



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